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Australia’s table grape industry is a major employer of Australian and seasonal labour.

Looking after workers is essential to the future profitability and sustainability of Australian agriculture.

Being able to demonstrate fair treatment will help growers ensure they can attract high quality, repeat labour. Workplace laws have evolved to protect potentially vulnerable workers and increasing scrutiny, regulations, fines and market demands must be understood and adhered to by growers.


If you are a grower looking for workers, please create a listing for the position at the government’s Harvest Trail website. This is a free service.

To find out information on piecework rate and establishing an agreement with your workers, visit the Fair Work Ombudsman’s piecework agreement tool.


If you are looking for seasonal work, please visit the Harvest Trail website or contact a Harvest Labour Service provider for more information.

We recommend you do not show up to a farm, even if an employer has listed a job (particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic).