What is SoilMapp?

SoilMapp for iPad is a free app that provides soil information at any location in Australia.

You can use SoilMapp to:

  • learn about the soil on your property
  • view maps, photographs, satellite images and data about local soils
  • uncover your soil’s physical and chemical characteristics, including acidity (pH), soil carbon, water storage capacity, salinity and erodibility
  • help manage non-irrigated crops and develop input data for yield prediction


Is SoilMapp for me?

SoilMapp makes soil information accessible anywhere to help Australian farmers, consultants, planners, natural resource managers, researchers and soil enthusiasts.


What data does SoilMapp use?

SoilMapp provides direct access to the best national soil data and information from the Australian Soil Resource Information System (ASRIS) (www.asris.csiro.au) and APSoil, the database behind the Agricultural Production Systems Simulator (APSIM).

ASRIS includes the descriptions from reference sites, CSIRO National Soil Archive (www.clw.csiro.au/aclep/archive) sites and the Australian Soil Classification map.

APSoil (www.apsim.info) is a database of soil water characteristics to help estimate Plant Available Water Capacity for individual soils and crops. It covers many cropping regions of Australia and is regularly updated. It is designed for crop simulation modelling and agronomic practice.


How does it work?

Simply tap on the map and select a data source to view information on Australian soils. Search for your area of interest by zooming in or using the GPS to find your current location.

Users can choose from four data sources: ASRIS Map Discovery, ASRIS Site, CSIRO Soil Archive Site and APSoil Discovery.


How accurate is SoilMapp?

Information provided through SoilMapp represents the best available, nationally consistent data collated and delivered through ASRIS and APSoil. This data may not be current or complete but is the most accurate information available.



Any user details, data or statistics collected through use of this app can be used by CSIRO for assisting the delivery of Australian soil data and information to the community.


Contact Us

Please email asris@csiro.au with all inquiries and comments.