What exactly makes grapes the Perfect Snack?


Kids Lunchbox

* Fresh, sweet & juicy

* Convenient when “on the run”

* Easy to share

* Bite size

* Healthy

* Rehydrate active bodies

* Versatile



Australian table grapes have long been considered the perfect snack. They taste fresh, sweet and juicy, they’re convenient – with no peeling or cutting, you can take them anywhere and store them easily – and they’re a perfect bite size that’s also easy to share.

A Newspoll survey shows that snacking is a national pastime (96% polled had snacked at least once in the previous week), but some of the snacking is not the healthiest – 64% said they had snacked on chocolate or lollies in the previous seven days, 59% had consumed sweet biscuits, 56% had eaten cake or pastries and 54% had chomped on potato chips.

They can be added to a whole host of recipes – from delicious summer salads to fruit kebabs. View our recipe collection for ideas.

Our grapes are so good that Australians are now munching through twice as many bunches than they were 10 years ago.

Table grapes are often the country’s leading horticulture export, providing tangible benefits for Australian growers and the national economy.