CSIRO seek opinion of Australian horticulturalists via online survey


In order to implement coordinated area-wide management of Qfly, and effectively make use of SIT we need to know how much different sectors of your community value, and are prepared to pay for, AWM and SIT.


Thanks to you the drivers for, and barriers blocking, grower and community participation in an Area Wide Management approach to Qfly control are now known – but we still need to work out how valuable you think this approach to pest management could be, especially with the introduction of SIT.

So, as the next step in the ‘Adaptive area wide management of Qfly using SIT’ project, and following on from our social survey, CSIRO will be conducting a short online survey that will gauge your opinion on the value of AWM and SIT.

If you are a grower in the Riverland, Sunraysia (VIC and NSW) or Murray Goulburn Valley, CSIRO want to hear from you. Your responses will inform the commercialisation of SIT as a component of AWM. The SIT factory has been built and soon there will be sterile flies.

Please keep an eye out in future communications for a link to our survey from now on (or click here right now).


For more information, please contact Penny Measham, PhD | Qfly Area-Wide Management Coordinator | Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited | EcoScience Precinct, 41 Boggo Rd, Dutton Park QLD 4102 | Ph: +617 3198 6758 | Mob: +61 417 525 904 | Email: penny.measham@horticulture.com.au