Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA), in conjunction with The Australian Table Grape Association (ATGA) initiated a project in 2011 to provide table grape producers with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions in the use of pest protection chemicals in their vineyards and to ensure compliance in export markets.

The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) was commissioned to work with the ATGA towards developing guidelines for chemical use that would facilitate the export of fresh produce. The AWRI, with over 20 years’ experience in the provision of support frameworks for wine grape growers, was well positioned to deliver the project.

The key outcome resulting from this work has been the compilation of extensive data around the chemicals registered for use in viticulture by table grape producers and extensive details relating to the requirements of the primary export markets.

Due to the sensitive nature of this information, the database remains private with access available to Australian growers only. For login details, please make a request to the ATGA via the contact form.