Following the successful launch of the InnoGrape: Innovation in Table Grape Production pilot program in 2015, the Australian Table Grape Association (ATGA) is excited to announce that a further 9 training modules will be delivered to table grape growers in coming months.

The 2016/17 InnoGrape program will deliver the new training modules to growers via six regional workshops in the Victorian Murray Valley, using key national and international table grape production experts and scientists. The program will be complimented by the production of another six YouTube training videos, and six new one page summary factsheets.
The new table grape specific workshops have packaged the world’s best technical table grape production knowledge into an easy to follow format, and will include the following training modules:
  1. Table Grape Berry Firmness Management – This training module will review grape berry development and the effects of plant growth regulators (gibberellic acid, forchlorfenuron and ethephon) and nutrient applications (calcium and potassium) on table grape firmness.
  2. Market Insights into Asia – China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam – This training module aims to give producers the latest intelligence on these key markets.
  3. Bunch Stem Necrosis – This training module will review the symptoms of BSN at flowering (early bunch stem necrosis) and during fruit ripening and discuss possible environmental and/or nutritional causes and evaluate management techniques.
  4. Improving the Colour of Red Table Grapes – This training module will build on the information learned during Module 3: The Use of PGRs in Table Grape Production and will review the primary pigments (anthocyanins) in table grapes and expand on management techniques to improve colour development. This session may include an in-field colour management demonstration trial.
  5. Vineyard Spray Technology – This training module will examine the different types of spray equipment (pros and cons), sprayer set up, calibration and practical ways to monitor and assessing spray coverage. This session may include an in-field demonstration trial of a number of selected spray equipment.
  6. Powdery Mildew Management – This training module aims to examine the lifecycle of powdery mildew and the control option growers have to control this fungal pathogen.
  7. Post-harvest management – This training module aims to assist table grape growers develop post-harvest management strategies to manage general vine health and sustain productivity of table grape vineyards from year to year.
  8. Fruit fly Management – This training module aims to update table grape producers on the latest on-farm management and control strategies available to producers.
  9. Bud fruitfulness/Bud dissection demonstration – This training module aims educate table grape producers on the cycle of yield development, the key factors that influence bud fruitfulness and practical ways to assess fruitfulness during bud dormancy to assist in making pruning decisions.


COST: Registration for each session is $20 per person (Cash, Cheque or Online) which includes a light dinner and a copy of the InnoGrape: Innovation in Table Grape Production technical inserts (folders will be available for those who did not attend in 2015 at an additional cost of $15 per folder).

Please note you do need to re-register for each session. Please register before Friday 27th January 2017 for Session 3.  


ONLINE PAYMENT:  Please use any of the following links if you would like to complete an online payment and registration

Session 3 – ROBINVALE Field Walk Tuesday 31 January 2017 OR

Session 3 – MERBEIN Field Walk Wednesday 1 February 2017 OR


For further information, please contact Rowena Norris at the ATGA on M: 0421 553 800 or via email E:

InnoGrape: Innovation in Table Grape Production extension program, is supported by the Australian Table Grape Association, with funding from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal and the William Buckland Foundation.

(NOTE: Funding provisions currently stipulate the program is limited to Victorian growers only. However all published materials will be available nationally for table grape growers via the ATGA Website)

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