MODULE 03: PGRs for Table Grapes (Improving colour) 


MODULE 05: Rootstock Selection for Table Grape Vineyards


MODULE 08A: Mealybugs 


MODULE 08B: Botrytis Bunch Rot 


MODULE 06: Managing the vegetative canopy and its effects on bud fruitfulness and fruit quality


MODULE 10: New Table Grape Varieties


MODULE 11: Bunchstem Necrosis


MODULE 12: Assessing Grapevine Bud Fruitfulness


MODULE 14: Grapevine Powdery Mildew Management


MODULE 16: Table Grape Berry Firmness Management


MODULE 18: Assessing Spray Coverage in the Vineyard


MODULE 20: MRL’s for Export Markets


MODULE 24: Table Grape Berry Browning


MODULE 24: Table Grape External Browning (Part 2 – Browning associated with microcracks)


MODULE 25: Grapevine management after hail damage


MODULE 26: Grapevine nutritional analysis


MODULE 27: Plastic covers for table grapes (Part 1 – Extending the harvest)


MODULE 27: Plastic covers for table grapes (Part 2 – Advancing the harvest)