ATGA Board



John Argiro


M: 0428 147 136

“I would like to see the industry become more dynamic through being able to respond to different external factors with ease. I would also like to see our superior Australian table grapes reach and prosper within a greater number of international markets.”



Deputy Chairman:

Jeremey BJeremy Boyd


M: 0427 103 244

“ATGA must continue to look at emerging export markets and try to have protocols in place which have seen set at realistic and achievable levels. Industry must also overcome fruit fly under the newly established Order.”


Executive Delegates:

Vince D

Vince Dimasi


M: 0427 256 211

“I’d like to see our industry continue to develop the export markets we have gained access to, and become a strong export market competitor by delivering the highest quality grapes into the Asian regions.” 

Richard Lomman

Northern Territory

M: 0427 791 748 

“New generations need to work together to prevent the oversupply of different segments of the market. If you want to expand an existing operation, or develop a new one, export markets need to be targeted beforehand.” 


Chief Executive:

Jeff Headshot

Jeff Scott

M: 0417 122 086



David ADavid Agg

South Australia

M: 0438 469 015

“The changes in quality, handling and cool-chain efficiency in all markets over the past 25 years have been amazing, as has the ability of the best growers to adapt and survive. The rapidly evolving economies of our SE Asian neighbours and Australia’s Free Trade Agreements must be closely attended to, and should remain the ATGA’s key objective.”

Nick Muraca


M: 0408 304 557

“I’d like to see young growers become more involved with the ATGA and Board by continuing the work needed for the national peak body to remain viable, and keep the industry sustainable for future generations.”

Rocky Mammone


M: 0438 065 788

Adrian Cordoma


M: 0488 283 539


Anthony Cirillo


M: 0419 391 330




 Joe Gareffa

New South Wales

M: 0407 310 491

“I’d like to see growers get rewarded for the hard work that they have put into producing a quality product. An increase in the amount of markets available both locally and overseas is important. But most importantly, I’d like to see greater industry involvement from growers to consumers – issues in the table grape industry affect us all.”

Peter Nuich

Western Australia

M: 0438 741 005

Mark Leng


M: 0409 499 397